Monday, December 21, 2015


As I get older, there are some things I feel like I should be getting better at. Like doing my taxes right, scheduling my own appointments, dealing with car problems, etc. You know. Adult things. The one thing I really want to master though? Cooking and baking. (Yeah, I know. Technically, those are two things. But I feel like they go together.) The best way I can describe it is like... I want my kitchen skills to be on Pinterest mom level. You feel me?


With Christmas approaching, I thought I'd give the whole baking from scratch thing a shot and crank out some holiday cookies of my own. It seemed easy enough. (Key word: seemed) So I looked up a recipe and made it happen. As you can probably tell by the pictures, they didn't fare too well in the looks department, haha. I forgot that the cookies were going to get bigger and expand once I put them in the oven. I really should have made each one a lot smaller and thinner. Luckily, they still tasted good. And cookies are cookies. Am I right?


So I'm nowhere near Pinterest mom level yet and my cookies looked pretty funky this time. I made a few mistakes. But I think it's all about trial and error. I'll get there one day. :-) I'm happy to report that my tastebuds and I are still pretty stoked about the results.

If you wanted to try making these candy cane sugar cookies, I've included the link to the recipe below. You should be able to make two dozen cookies with it. I personally cut the given recipe in half and made a dozen cookies. (Maybe that was a contributing factor to why my cookies looked a little funny?) I baked three cookies per tray and used multiple trays because I made them pretty large. I just didn't take a picture of all the cookies together.

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