Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Winter season is upon us and things are getting chilly up in here. Dressing yourself during this time of year can sometimes prove to be a tough feat when you're trying to stay warm and look cute at the same time. But don't fret, cause I gotchu. Here's a list of my winter weather fashion essentials and pics of some examples that will keep you toasty AND chic.

1. WATER RESISTANT BOOTS - When the rain and snow start falling, chucks or suede booties just won't do. A pair of boots that can hold up against wet conditions will save your little toes from getting soaked and frostbitten. It's a huge plus if they have grip and traction to avoid falling when walking on slippery surfaces. (Boots are from Urban Outfitters.)

2. INSULATED JACKETS - Insulated jackets are so, so important for when you're going to be outdoors any longer than a few minutes. I can't tell you how many times I've worn the wrong jacket out at night. No insulation. So regret. Much nippy. (Jacket is from Nordstrom.)

3. TURTLENECK SWEATERS - The turtleneck is a classic silhouette that works especially well in the winter, as it provides the upper body with lots of warmth and protection. The usually exposed neck and throat area is covered when you sport one of these babies. If you don't like how some winter scarves can be kind of heavy and bulky, a turtleneck sweater could be right for you. (Turtleneck sweater is from American Apparel.)

4. THICK SCARVES - Protect ya neck! (And everything else.) Scarves are so versatile because you can wear them in a ton of different ways. Whether your neck, head, shoulders, or etcetera are freezing, your scarf has literally got you covered. (Scarf is from H&M)

5. SOCKS, HATS, AND GLOVES - These three cold weather accessories are a must for me in the winter because my ears, hands, and feet are where I personally get cold easily. I also think that they're such a fun, inexpensive way to add different patterns or a pop of color to your winter fit. (Socks were a gift. Beanie and gloves are from Urban Outfitters.)

Stay warm, guys! Hope you're all having a gnarly holiday season! :-)

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