Saturday, October 10, 2015


Winnie and I have been in dire need for some fresh air.  Literally and figuratively. With that said, today was spent frolicking in the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. (Frolicking = giving Winnie a piggyback ride so her new shoes wouldn't get dirty.) If you haven't noticed by now, Winnie is a regular on my blog. She's the woman behind the camera in a majority of my ootds and has been taking my picture (and my sarcasm) since 2011. Photo shoots are a natural occurrence during our hangouts, as homegirl always wants to get a little shooting practice in and I'm always down to play the subject. Today was obviously no exception. 

Winnie's got a blog of her own that features her photography, her adventures, and the things that get her up in the morning. Check it out if you'd like -

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