Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Apologies, guys! I've been lagging quite a bit on getting this post up. But alas, here it finally is - the update on my no sugar challenge. (#2weekz) Keep on reading to find out how I did.

Mama, I made it! (Cue crowd going wild.) And how exactly did I celebrate my sugar free success? With hella sugar. Duh. (Just joking. It wasn't much. Just a donut... or two.) While I did accomplish my initial goal of two weeks sans sugar, there was honestly no way that I wanted to continue any longer than that. (I just really love dessert a lot, okay? Sue me.)

So did it make a positive difference? No. None that I could feel anyways. I'm sure cooling it on the sugar is something that would indefinitely be good for anyone in the long run. Perhaps if I had pursued this for a whole month, I might have felt the benefits of cutting sugar off in a significantly more positive way. But it actually made me feel sort of terrible. I got headaches for the first few days. I felt more sluggish in general. And if I thought that my cravings were a pest before, they were an absolute nightmare during this little experiment of mine. I'm willing to bet these symptoms were a result of my body going through sugar withdrawal.

So what has this experience taught me? First, I'm probably better off gradually lowering my sugar consumption over a longer period of time versus trying to quit cold turkey if I'm serious about kicking my sugar habit. Second, my friends are sadistic demons who ask me to go get ice cream and boba with them on the daily. (Yep. I'm talking about you, Winnie.) And finally, the goals you set for yourself are attainable as long as you put your mind to them*~*~*

P.S. I cannot tell a lie. I ate another donut as I typed this up.

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