Thursday, September 24, 2015


Jerik recently turned the big 21, and I had to make sure to serve up his alcohol in a way he would never forget. (But could I blame him if he did forget? C'mon... it was his 21st birthday!) I decided to bust out my craft skills and DIY an alcohol lover's dream. Cheers!


- Beer (Canned or Bottled)
- Cardboard cake rounds (Three different sizes)
- Wrapping paper
- Ribbons
- Duct tape

1. Gift wrap the cardboard cake rounds. It's okay if the wrap job is a bit sloppy or if you choose to skip this step entirely. The gift wrap only serves to give the "cake" a pop of color.
2. Take the largest cardboard cake round and begin placing your "bottom layer" of beer on top of it. The number of beers you will be able to fit on each "layer" will vary depending on the size of the cardboard cake rounds used and whether you work with bottles or cans.
3. Take your duct tape and begin cutting strips and folding them so they are double sided. Make enough to cover the bottom layer of the middle cardboard cake round.
4. Once the bottom of the middle cardboard cake round is covered in duct tape, place it on top of the beer that make up the "bottom layer" of your "cake." Make sure to do a good job of pressing down on the cardboard cake round so that it sticks very well to the top of the beer.
5. Repeat step 3 with the smallest cardboard cake round.
6. Repeat step 4 with the smallest cardboard cake round and "middle layer" of the "cake."
7. Duct tape the bottoms of the top layer of beer to the smallest cardboard cake round.
8. Tie ribbons around each layer to secure the beer.
9. Decorate "cake" to your desire. (Extra ribbons, stickers, decorative tape, etc.)

- Roll of Cellophane
- Mini bottles of alcohol
- Skinny ribbons
- Clear tape

1. Roll out your cellophane wrap.
2. Place the mini bottles of alcohol on top of the cellophane. Make sure not to space them too close together so you have room for the tape and ribbons.
3. Roll the bottles (like you would if you were making sushi) until all the bottles are completely covered in the plastic wrap.
4. Use tape to cinch and secure the spaces in between each bottle.
5. At this point, your lei will look like a straight line. Take the top and the bottom and tape them together very well. You might need to trim a bit of plastic off of both ends so there won't be a huge gap. It should look like a lei after you tape the top and bottom together.
6. Use ribbons to decorate the spaces between the bottles by tying them into bows. This will also hide the tape.

P.S. Pls drink responsibly. Pls don't drink and drive. 

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