Sunday, August 30, 2015


Can I just say something hella crazy? I, Jennie Marie, have decided to make an attempt to kick my sugar habit to da motherfucking curb. My food intake has been getting out of hand lately, and I've decided that this blasphemy ends today. Now, don't get me wrong. Your girl sure does like to eat. But your girl also likes to keep her health and figure in check. For the next two weeks, I am challenging myself to:

- Not consume any dessert type items (cookies, ice cream, cake, candy, etc.)
- Not drink sugary beverages or alcohol
- Try to keep it up for four weeks if I do happen to make it to two weeks

What inspired me to take on this no sugar challenge was watching an old Shaytards vlog. Shay's eldest son went a whole YEAR without sugar. Can you believe that? If ten year old Gavin can go a whole year, I think twenty two year old me should be able to go two weeks. This starts now. Wish me luck.