Saturday, July 18, 2015


My friend Penny (Or Mac, as I like to call her) is the best baker I know. A couple of months ago, she made me the most legit emoji macarons as a birthday present and it seriously blew my mind that they looked so freaking accurate. You can only imagine how heartbreaking it was to get myself to consume those lovely, little works of art. I wish that I could have kept them forever, but alas, they disappeared into the black hole that I call my stomach.

Last night, Penny schooled me on Macaron Making 101, and we made the emoji macarons that she gifted to me for my birthday, as well as a batch of plain ones. I don't think I did too shabby for my first time, but I owe that to Mac for teaching me the ways of the macaron.  

I now understand why these pretty patties are so damn expensive. They're a really tricky treat to make! Baking them is a really intricate process, and you have to be extra gentle in handling the ingredients and the macarons themselves. I've got a newfound respect for all the macaron makers out there. I appreciate you. Special thanks to Mac for sharing her craft with me. 

P.S. But really though. Aren't these emoji macarons the cutest thing?


  1. Absolutely amazing cookies, hun


    Nicoleta ||

  2. Omg, they are so cute! ^^
    xo, Vitri