Friday, July 24, 2015


Outfit details: 
Shirt - Stolen from Jerik
Leggings - Target
Shoes - Urban Outfitters 
Hat - HUF (borrowed from Vivian)
Bag - Zara
Lipstick - Whirl by MAC

Vivian and I had two objectives for today. First, we wanted to look at pretty things. Second, we wanted to eat chicken wings. (Specifically the San Tung kind, which meant this called for a trip to the city.) We hopped into VVN's suburban soccer mom vehicle and made our way to San Francisco. (Yes. Multiple fierce duets were performed during the drive. No. We are not coming to a city near you. You know. On the off chance that you were wondering.)


Our first stop was the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. We had to park kind of far from the museum itself, but we didn't mind the walk much because it was a beautiful, sunny day. (Karl the Fog was nowhere to be seen.) We saw plenty of fascinating art and the whole experience was well worth the ten dollar admission fee. I'd have to say that my favorite part about the De Young was the observation deck tower. (Pictured at the very beginning of this post.) The view was damn impressive. I could see the entire city from up there! Between the art itself and the extraordinary view of SF, Vivian and I definitely saw many pretty things.

Our second stop was San Tung. I had never eaten there until today, but I've always heard the same three things about the place over and over again. 1. Their chicken wings are legendary. 2. The wait to be seated is almost always super, crazy long. 3. Trying to find parking is the hugest pain in the ass. Luckily, we found parking after circling the block a few times. We also happened to arrive at the restaurant ten minutes before they opened for dinner service, so we were seated and served right away. (Can you say winning?) Chicken wings? Check.

San Francisco was way too good to us, and overall, it was a fantastic day. Then again, any day is a good one when it involves fried chicken or your best friend. So if you're having a bad day, go grab one or the other. Actually... it would definitely be best if you grabbed both.

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