Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Outfit details:
Top - Nasty Gal
Bikini Bottom - Target
Kimono - Nordstrom

As soon as I found out it was going to be one hundred and three degrees Fahrenheit in San Jose, I dropped everything and started running towards the coast as fast as I could. There was just no freaking way I was going to put up with that shit. Nope. Not today. There's something about stupidly hot weather that brings out my inner two year old. (In other words, naps are needed, I start speaking gibberish, and tantrums may or may not be thrown.) 

I found myself at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz, where the weather was overcast and windy. I prefer autumn to summer and gloomy weather is something that I've been missing. With that said, it was a refreshing change from the insane heat wave that SJ has been experiencing in the last week or so. It was also nice that I could wear all black without bursting into flames.

P.S. Can you tell that the heat turns me into quite the drama queen?

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