Friday, July 3, 2015



Outfit details:
Flannel - Urban Outfitters
Cropped tank - Nasty Gal
Leggings - Urban Outfitters 
Shoes - Vans 

My favorite dude just got the keys to his new apartment today, so we went over to check it out. I have to say, it tripped me out to see a living space so... unoccupied. We plan to move all of his stuff in and decorate within the next couple of days, but we decided to leave it empty for tonight while we gave the place a mini housewarming celebration. What better way to break in a new home than with face masks and a candlelit~~** Chick-fil-a picnic? (Such relax. Very romance. Much chicken.) All in all, dinner was definitely on point and I'm so freaking happy for Jerik. He's moving onto (or should I say into?) bigger and better things. 

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